Tell the D.C. Council: #UnblockCuba - Let Cuba Live!

cuba.jpgThe workers and residents of the District of Columbia signing below affirm their support for the international consensus which demands the immediate end of the 59-year long, unilateral, illegal, deadly blockade of Cuba by the United States. They ask the D.C. Council to join city and state governments across the United States in passing a resolution demonstrating the city’s good will toward the people of Cuba and the city’s willingness to engage with Cuba as equals, with no preconditions, in matters of trade, educational, cultural and technological exchange. The blockade hurts Cuba and D.C.! #UnblockCuba

Who's signing

Antonio Morales-Calvo
michelle gung
Morgan Artyukhina
A. Oakes
Linee De Mouy
Sandra Miller
Suhail Shafi
Linda Sutherland
Mary McCall
Nora Olgyay
Kevin Cashman
Katrina Wood
Stephanie Reich
John and Debby Hanrahan
Debby Hanrahan
Nitsan Scharf
Kermit Leibensperger
dominic moulden
Michael Boone
William Merrifield
Nubia Kai
Mark Ginsburg
Roger Scott
Kara Moller
James Hampton
Michael Pappas
33 signatures

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