Raise TANF benefits now! Tax the rich!

Decent living standards are a human right! The State of Georgia has the ability to raise its Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits; the resources are there!

The State of Georgia currently has some of the lowest TANF payouts in the country: 45% of the poverty line. This is less than half of what’s considered poor! This has drastically reduced the standard of living for thousands of families and children in the state. This is criminal negligence on the part of the State of Georgia.

There are plenty of common sense solutions. For one, tax the rich! With just a 2% tax increase on people making more than 1 million per year in Georgia could double TANF spending alone.

Defund the police! Put more money towards programs that actually benefit people. For the past 40 years the police in Georgia have seen a 122% budget increase, however there has been an 81% decrease in cash assistance for poor families. 


We demand:

  • Respect and dignity for all working class and poor families
  • Increase the TANF benefits to the national limit
  • Increase the program term limits to the national limit
  • Remove the cruel stipulation barring families of two parents
  • Remove all work requirements
  • Require the Governor and Georgia Congressmen to be paid a salary equal to TANF benefits for the length of their term


This campaign is endorsed by the following organizations:

  • Party for Socialism and Liberation
  • ANSWER Coalition

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