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5th Party Congress


Welcome to the 5th Congress of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Here are the suggested registration fees for the different traveling groups:


  • Driving from Northeast, mid-Atlantic and elsewhere: $350 to $500
  • Flying from West Coast, Midwest, South and Southwest: $150 to $200

There are buttons for the bottom and top of the sliding scales as well as an other button for any amount in between, as well as below and above the suggested scales.

Pay what you can on the basis of equality of sacrifice.

"The present is struggle, the future is ours."

— Che Guevera 


Socialist Sleigh: Help Fund Holiday Essentials in Our Neighborhoods!

Help refugee and migrant hunger strikers in Louisiana jails!

Albuquerque PSL’s Holiday Distribution

Donate to the legal and political support campaign for arrested Denver organizers

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