SRQ Emergency protest: No War on Syria!

April 12, 2018 at 6:00pm - 7pm
Marina Jack's "Unconditional Surrender" statue
sarasota, FL
United States
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The stage is being set for the Trump administration and the Pentagon to launch a new military action against Syria, one that will likely take place within the next “24 or 48 hours” as announced by US officials. 

The open threats against the Syrian government come in the wake of another *unsubstantiated* accusation of chemical attacks by the Syrian government. The same exact false allegations were raised last year around this same time, which were used by the Trump administration to justify launching 59 tomahawk missiles into Syria. One year later, Secretary of defense James “mad dog” Mattis revealed in a striking statement that the U.S. still had “no evidence” that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons in 2017. 

Yet again, an intense propaganda campaign against the Syrian government is being waged by the corporate-owned media with the goal of preparing Americans public opinion for yet another U.S. imperialist intervention in the Middle East. 

The same Western media that lied to us about WMDs in Iraq thinks we will fall for its lies about Syria! 

The US is already occupying vast areas of Syrian territory in violation of all international law. Thousands of US troops are stationed illegally in eastern Syria against the will of the Syrian people, where they have established staging ground for the illegal overthrow of the Syrian government. Imagine if another nation’s troops were to occupy US cities against the will of Americans and the US government! 

It is likely that a new US attack against Syria will be more enduring than the 2017 cruise missile attack on Syria. The goal of US policy in Syria is to overthrow the Syrian government, just like Libya in 2011 and Iraq in 2003.

The stakes could not be higher! A war by the United States that confronts Syria and Russia, which is helping to defend the integrity of the Syrian state could quickly spiral into a regional and even global conflict. 

We reject the US Empire’s lies, fake “humanitarianism,” occupations and endless wars in the Middle East and everywhere! 
US wars have brought nothing but destruction, devastation, and suffering to indigenous populations everywhere!

The time is NOW for progressives to stand out, speak out loudly and demand US HANDS OFF SYRIA! Only Syrians will determine the fate of Syria!


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