Sound Transit: Cut Ties with Genocide! Cut Ties with Siemens!

Siemens is the main contractor for the Euro-Asia Interconnector, an underwater electric cable that will connect Israel’s illegal settlements in occupied Palestine to power grids in Europe.

Due to its cooperation with the Zionist occupation, Siemens has been placed on the international Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement’s list of targeted boycotts. This designation is a call to action–we will not allow our community institutions to be doing business with corporations that profit from Israeli apartheid!

We cannot ignore the fact that the Seattle metropolitan public transportation authority, Sound Transit, signed a massive $714,718,000 contract with Siemens in 2016-2017 to purchase 152 light rail vehicles. This is in spite of the fact that another company, Kinkisharyo-Mitsui, can produce the same vehicles and isn’t actively breaking international law by supporting Israeli occupation and colonization. 

This year, Sound Transit is set to go ahead with an additional purchase of 10 more light rail vehicles, at the cost of $96,156,000, all funded by our tax dollars! 

We are by no means against public transit–in fact we celebrate the expansion of public transportation in this city! We go further in calling on Sound Transit to expand access by removing fares–making transit a true public good. However, as taxpayers in the greater Seattle area, we cannot stand by as our hard-earned money contributes to the occupation of Palestine. We demand that our public institutions prioritize ethical considerations and stand against corporations implicated in violations of international law!

For months, the Puget Sound community has tirelessly organized and rallied for a free Palestine. Our message is clear: we won't tolerate our tax dollars being used to fund oppression! But the call to sever ties with Siemens is not only confined to local concerns; it echoes the broader international solidarity movement. People worldwide are standing together against injustice in Palestine, realizing our shared responsibility in standing with the Palestinian people against genocide.

Sign this petition to join the international movement to liberate Palestine, and demand that Sound Transit do the right thing. End all contracts with Siemens now! Free, free Palestine!

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