Albuquerque PSL’s Holiday Distribution

Help the Albuquerque PSL make this year’s annual Socialist Sleigh gift and meal distribution bigger than last year's! We are gearing up to distribute hundreds of baskets that include household necessities and holiday meals to our working class neighbors. The Socialist Sleigh distribution will be taking place in the International District, one of the most neglected neighborhoods in Albuquerque, and the location of the PSL’s organizing center. As the holidays approach, many of our neighbors and loved ones are struggling just to get by. Rent is on the rise, decent paying jobs are scarce, everything from food to gas is getting more expensive.


In addition, during the month of December, Socialist Sleigh volunteers will be assisting residents in the International District who are behind in rent to apply for Emergency Rental Assistance.

The capitalist politicians don’t “represent” us, they are servants of the rich. As we build a movement against their greedy capitalist system and for a new socialist system, we also need to look out for one another and show we are there for each other.

We ask you to contribute generously to this year’s Socialist Sleigh by donating. This is how your contribution will be spent. Please help as many households as you can.


(Each Family Basket includes: laundry detergent, PPE, toilet paper, paper towels, all purpose disinfectant, dish soap, sponges, toothpaste, tooth brushes, winter hats, gloves and socks)


(Each Super Basket includes everything in a Family Basket plus an entire holiday meal: one whole chicken, stuffing, green beans, corn, squash, rice, beans, potatoes, green chile and pan dulce)

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