Save the CWA

Water profiteers Aqua America, in coordination with Chester City officials, are attempting by force to purchase the Chester Water Authority (CWA). CWA is a non-profit and publicly owned utility serving residents of the City of Chester, Delaware County, and Chester County. There is overwhelming public support to keep the utility in the hands of the people.

Chester City officials hope to use the funds from a sale to compensate for budget shortfalls, such as their massively inflated police pensions, which see some retirees drawing pensions of over $120,000 per year in a city where the average household income is $33,000. But while the City stands to profit from this sale, the working class people of Chester, Delaware County and Chester County do not. A sale to Aqua America would mean rate increases for the people averaging around $50 million per year, and loss of control and public access to the Octoraro reservoir and the 2,000 acres of land that protects our water source. 

This sale will not benefit working class people, and could cause long term harm to our communities instead. Add your name to the petition calling for a stop to the sale of the CWA!

We demand:

  • The renegotiation of police pension
  • Transparency in Chester’s budget
  • No sale without a full referendum vote
  • Continued public access to the Octoraro Reservoir

No for profit water! No sale of CWA to Aqua or any other private company!

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Alyssa Mann-Rodriguez
Emily Scott
Randall Scott
Monica Zheng
Nazirah Walker
Michelle Pulliam
Rahkee Thingpen
David Richardson
William Sparks
L’Tanya Starks
Nichola Mcnair
Eileen Johnson
Deborah Gueye
Bridget McLaughlin-Smith
Katrina Thorpe
Denise Nickens
Jonathan Thompson
Hunter Donia
Stacy Stanolis
Thomas Teofilak
Echo Alford
Suzanne Martin
Ian (Eire) Gallagher
Robert Kopaczewski
Robyn Bonacci
Scott Brown
Claud Silver
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