San Jose Livestream: Immigrant Rights are Human Rights

April 27, 2018 at 7:00pm - 9pm

Join us for a San Jose livestream of the Forum: 
Immigrant Rights are Human Rights: Stop the Raids and Deportations!

We will be livestreaming the presentations and then holding a discussion following the presentations.

More about the topics: 

Stop the Raids and Deportations!
Throughout the country, immigrants who have lived, worked and raised their families in the U.S. are under attack as Trump threatens to roll back Temporary Protective Status (TPS) and the Dream Act (DACA).

In the sanctuary state of California, Gov. Brown claims to protect the rights of immigrants, while committing 500 National Guard troops to be deployed along the Mexico border at the request of the Trump administration, as ICE continues to terrorize immigrant workers through raids across the state.

Hear analysis on the current crisis from the La Riva for Governor campaign, which calls for full rights for all immigrants, and join us at the Int'l Workers' Day action to demand an end to the racist anti-immigrant attacks.

Also — Solidarity with the People of Brazil!
Widespread protests across Brazil continue as the rightwing Temer-led government attempts to silence progressive forces through the recent sentencing of former president Lula of the Workers Party to the assassination of progressive city councilwoman Marielle Franco in Rio last month.

Hear the latest developments from the struggle in Brazil and how we in the U.S. can stand in solidarity.

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