​​Not Another Twin Parks! We Need Safe Heat, Not Death Traps!

While the people of New York City rally to support the Twin Parks survivors, we need to take action to ensure this tragedy never repeats. It’s time to stop protecting greedy landlords and management companies who refuse to provide adequate heat and leave people relying on space heaters.

Nineteen people, including many children, died in the Twin Parks fire in the Bronx. Residents and relatives are suing the landlord, Rick Gropper, for deadly negligence of safety and heating regulations. Innocent lives were lost, not because of a space heater or an open door, but because there was no adequate heat! No one had to die. We cannot allow the local politicians including Mayor Eric Adams and Congressman Ritchie Torres to deflect blame to tenants for not “closing the door.” 

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We demand: 

  • Emergency citywide inspection of all buildings with outstanding heat complaints 
  • Criminal prosecution of Rick Gropper, the management company of Twin Parks, and all landlords who consistently fail to provide heat 
  • Reinstate the moratorium on evictions — to throw people on the street in freezing temperatures and in a pandemic is a death sentence!
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