May Day Events 2020

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  • Los Angeles, CA: May Day - Digital Day of Action
    10am-6:30pm PT
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  • Boston, MA: “Cacerolazo”: Bailout The People! Cancel The Rents!
    6pm ET
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  • San Francisco, CA: Undocumented Workers Are Essential!
    2pm-3pm PT
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  • Atlanta, GA: May Day Car Parade and Protest
    12noon-3pm ET
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  • Seattle, WA: Car caravan to state Capitol for essential and excluded workers
    11am-4pm PT 
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  • San Diego, CA: May Day - Workers in Power, Healthcare for All!
    10am-5pm PT
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  • Lancaster, PA: Phonezap: Free the Prisoners!

  • San Jose, CA: We Are Always Essential
    12pm-1pm PT
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  • Minneapolis, MN: May Day Direct Action Caravan: Cancel Rent and Cancel Mortgages!
    12pm-2pm CT
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  • Indianapolis, IL: Immigrant Worker Caravan and Rally against ICE
    11am-5pm CT
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  • San Antonio, TX: May Day 2020 SATX
    4pm-6pm CT 
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  • Pensacola, FL: May Day Car Caravan: The Working Class Is The Essential Class
    5:30pm CT
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  • Milwaukee, WI: Cancel Rent! Cancel Mortgages! Sheet and Banner Drop
    12am-12pm CT
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  • Cincinnati, OH: Stand and Demand on May Day
    12pm-1pm CT 
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