Pittsburgh Marxist study session II - What is imperialism?

May 05, 2018 at 1:00pm - 3pm

Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation as we study and discuss the contradictions of imperialism within our own era. Copies of our Party's publication, "Imperialism in The 21st Century" (which includes Lenin's original "Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism"), will be available for use and purchase at this event.

This is our second class. Attendance of the first class is not required to participate. This class will focus on the conditions of imperialist conflict from World War I to the present day, discussing topics such as the nature of inter-imperialist war in the the early 20th century, the development of an anti-imperialist bloc in Eastern Europe and Asia, and the present day after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc.

You can also purchase a copy online here: 

Class 1: Monopoly Capitalism and Lenin's Definition of Imperialism
Class 2: From Inter-Imperialist Conflict to Global Class War to the Unipolar Era
Class 3: The Fight Against Opportunism

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