Pittsburgh: A socialist perspective on Women and LGBTQ liberation

August 04, 2018 at 1:00pm - 3pm

Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation as we take a look at feminist issues through a socialist perspective, using articles from our quarterly magazine "Breaking the Chains." We will be taking a look at our most recent two issues, which focus on Imperialism and the Housing Struggle respectively.

Our issue on Imperialism attempts to show the connections between anti-Imperialism and feminism, using a popular argument grounded in Marxist theory for why the women's movement and feminists must stand together with those fighting imperialism around the world. Issues touched upon include the environmental impact, experiences of women in Vietnam and Puerto Rico, the differences between foreign policy in capitalism and socialism, and more!

In our Housing issue, we will take a look at how housing--commonly acknowledged as a human right--is denied to millions of people under capitalism. Despite the vast amount of wealth in the US, homelessness and sub-adequate housing plague the country. That is because under capitalism, rights become privileges--things that are necessary for survival are used to create a profit. For those affected by special oppression (like women), this deepens our oppression and makes us more vulnerable. This issue includes articles discussing a socialist definition of gentrification, a Marxist analysis how the housing crisis creates homeless and home insecurity, a socialist alternative to housing, and more!

We will have copies of both issues available for use and sale at this event! They are also available to buy online at the links below:
Outrage and Optimism: Women confront Imperialism:
The Housing Issue:

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