Philly Community Assembly! The Fight for Good Neighborhood Schools

September 09, 2018 at 3:00pm - 5pm

School is back in session, but the city still isn't providing Philly's children with the quality education they deserve. Big class sizes, overworked teachers, a lack of nurses, counselors and after-school programs -- all this and more needs to be fixed. It's a lie when politicians say there isn't enough money for the schools, the problem is that most of it is in the pockets of the big real estate developers, Comcast and the millionaires in Rittenhouse Square!

The Community Assembly series organized by the Philadelphia Liberation Center is a forum for neighbors to discuss and debate the big issues facing the city. We'll talk about the problems, what causes them, and how we can fight for a solution.

Tre Schumacher

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Tre Schumacher

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