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PA for Abortion Rights: Defend Abortion Rights, Oppose SB 106 Petition

Anti-abortion politicians are attempting to push a package of constitutional amendments known as “Senate Bill 106” (SB 106) through the PA state legislature that would pave the way to restricting access to or even outlawing abortion. The package also includes new voting requirements which purport address the non-existent problem of voter fraud, but are really aimed at limiting the right to vote of the poorest and most oppressed residents of Pennsylvania. 

Join the movement to defend abortion access in Pennsylvania and across the country! We believe: 

  1. PA must OPPOSE Senate Bill 106, a package of right wing constitutional amendments which would pave the way to outlawing abortion and restrict voting rights. 
  2. Abortion must be made be a guaranteed right in PA. We demand free, safe, and legal access to abortion to all in the state of Pennsylvania and beyond.
  3. Healthcare is a human right! Healthcare should be accessible to all, regardless of their ability to pay. 
  4. PA must STOP funding so called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”—nonprofit organizations designed to shame and mislead women about abortion and convince them to carry their pregnancy to term regardless of the consequences for the mother. 
  5. The United States Congress must IMMEDIATELY pass legislation codifying the right to abortion into federal law to protect reproductive rights nationwide! 

The Democratic Party has proven unable to mount any serious opposition to these attacks—in fact, they have been funding ads for far-right, anti-abortion candidates in Pennsylvania and in other states as part of a narrow-minded and dangerous electoral strategy. Only a politically independent movement can defeat the attacks on our basic rights! The people united will never be defeated! 

Sign below to show your support for these important demands and get more information on how to get involved in the movement to defend abortion rights in Pennsylvania. 

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