NYC Liberation Forum: No to Trump and the Newly Re-Elected de Blasio!

November 17, 2017 at 7:00pm - 9pm
Justice Center en el Barrio
1637 Park Ave
New York, NY 10029
United States
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Liberation Forum: Money for War But Can't Feed the Poor? No to Trump and the Newly Re-Elected de Blasio!

Over half of our tax dollars go to the Pentagon and military industrial complex, yet our government claims it has nothing to give for education, healthcare, housing, disaster relief funds and other necessities for millions of working and poor Americans. Trump's recently announced tax proposal would gut public spending, cut welfare, and give enormous tax breaks to the super rich, who are already under-taxed. 

While the people here suffer, Trump is busy is turning up his warmongering with North Korea on his trip to Asia. The mainstream liberal media is beating its war drum, particularly in manufacturing tensions with Russia over the unfounded election hacking allegations. Come hear our perspective on resisting the Trump agenda and the bipartisan war machine.

After a historically low voter turnout, Bill de Blasio has been elected the mayor of New York City for a second term, a victory that shows a true absence of democracy. Even though de Blasio received 66% of the vote, the mayoral turnout was 22% meaning only 14% of eligible voters picked de Blasio. His last win came with promises to end stop and frisk and to bring relief to the cities stark wealth inequality. 

The continued gentrification, rampant Broken Windows policing, and increase in the city's homeless population has shown that de Blasio's empty progressive rhetoric will not bring change to the communities that need it most. Join us in a discussion about how we can see past the mirage of democracy and reform and build a movement for real democracy that is not bought out by the rich elite.

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