Nationwide Actions for Nov. 25 — Solidarity with the Refugee Caravan!

The Migrant and Refugee Solidarity Coalition in the San Diego area has formed and put out an International Call to Action for the Refugee Caravan and Central American Exodus for Sunday, Nov. 25, to coincide with a march to the border that day.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation endorses this call to action and is mobilizing its branches and supporters nationwide to take part in this Call to Action. Above is a map and listing of all the cities where we are participating. (To add your action to the map, use this form.)

Thousands of refugees, mostly from Honduras, have made their way over 2,600 miles to Tijuana on the U.S.- Mexico border to apply for refugee status in the United States. They have joined as individuals and whole families to overcome incredible odds on the journey, walking many miles each day before the sun rises, often eating while walking because there was no time to stop.

Trump has continued to play to the most racist and right-wing elements in his electoral base hyping up a frenzy against the struggling refugees as “invaders ” and “criminals”. By sending troops, Trump and the White House is dangerously militarizing the border against all people. Against this bigotry is the growing tide of international public support for the caravan, including in the U.S., where more and more people are seeing through the scapegoating tactics.

Immigrants and refugees are not the enemy. Multinational corporations and government policies are responsible for outsourcing, stretched social services and stagnant wages in the United States—not immigrants. The caravanistas are fleeing unlivable conditions and chaos largely caused by the same U.S. ruling class, which pushed coups, interventions and free trade agreements in their countries. The U.S.- supported coup of President Mel Zelaya in Honduras, June 2009, has created enormous repression and poverty there.

The demands put out by the Migrant and Refugee Solidarity Coalition are:

  1. Respect for the right of asylum for all members of the Central American Exodus. Stop the profiling and criminalization of refugees; lift the executive order limiting access to asylum.
  2. Process all asylum claims made at Ports of Entry with expediency. We reject Custom and Border Protection’s claim that Port of Entries lack capacity to let in refugees. We also reject the shift away from decades of international asylum agreements that allow for requests to be made anywhere on the border.
  3. The US government must publicly acknowledge a) its role in Honduran Coup in 2009, b) that the Honduran government is a US supported dictatorship, and c) recognize the political and social crises throughout Central America as caused by US foreign policy.
  4. Call for international solidarity beyond the US and Mexico. The United Nations and Red Cross must also recognize the Humanitarian crisis at the US/Mexico Border.
  5. We demand freedom for incarcerated migrants now and free movement for asylum seekers. No incarceration of migrants in shelters or for-profit detention centers.
  6. No impunity for governments that violate international asylum agreements and processes. Prosecute officials who violate the human right to seek asylum in any country of their preference.

For the full statement from the San Diego Migrant and Refugee Solidarity Coalition, and to see an updated list of endorsing organizations, click here.

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