March with PSL for Las Vegas' May Day!

May 01, 2017 at 5:00pm - 8pm

Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation Contingent for the May 1st May Day march and strike for Immigrants!

We stand in solidarity this May 1st with all oppressed peoples, in their struggle against the racist policies of the Trump administration. Join us for the day as we strike to defend all immigrants, refugees, women, and workers, to demand full rights for all people, and the end to all forms of oppression. 

May 1st is a day where the struggles of the past are directly linked with the struggles of today. Where the working class, as a whole, stands in unity and demands its rightful place, and the end of all forms of exploitation.

Today we are faced with an ever-growing threat, as racist policies are implemented to break the organization of labor, and tear the solidarity of the working class apart. We are seeing deportations on a massive scale, and our sisters and brothers who have come into this country to make a better life for themselves and their families, are routinely oppressed and made to work in conditions where they have no voice, all the while their lives are mired by the terror of ever impending ICE raids.

We stand in solidarity with those who are affected by U.S. wars of imperialism, as the U.S. government seeks to unilaterally attack those countries that do not fall in line with their neo-colonial world view. We say no war for empire!

In this time of immense struggle, we have seen the rise of the consciousness of the working class, as is apparent by the events which immediately transpired after Trump took power. A Day Without an Immigrant, the global Women’s Strike, and the numerous resistance demonstrations which have been coordinated throughout the country lend to the ever-growing numbers of those who are taking a stand against this racist regime.

Join us this May Day, to stand in solidarity with working and oppressed peoples of the world, sending a message to the Government and Wall Street, that we will not back down, as the true power of this country lies in the hands of the people. 

Please come out and join us at these events, as we need your voices. Only through struggle can we effect change, and we need you in the struggle!

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