Lancaster, PA: Housing is a Human Right Outreach

November 09, 2018 at 10:00am - 11am
Penn Square
Lancaster, PA
United States
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Please join community organizers this Saturday at 10 AM in Penn Square to help collect signatures demanding housing be treated as a human right in Lancaster. These are our demands:

Housing is a Human Right!
We demand reinvestment and expansion of state-of-the-art public housing. The cost of housing should be based on a reasonable percentage of one’s income, for which they could opt in to public housing as an alternative to the outrageous costs of private market housing. Housing that is affordable and fit for human beings must be guaranteed for all!

End the War on the Poor!
We demand the end of gentrification in the city of Lancaster! The priorities of the city must be redirected away from catering to the wealthy few and be directed to the many. Reinvestment and the development of working class and poor communities must be the priority of the city under the leadership of the communities themselves.

End the Criminalization of Our Communities!
We demand the end to the over-policing of working class and poor communities, particularly communities of color, and for community control of the police! As gentrification has swept across the city, the policing tactics have reinforced this process by over policing working class and poor communities. The resources spend on policing and the prison-industrial-complex must be redirected towards the development of our communities.

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