LA - We Will Not Be Silenced! In Honor of Trans Day of Remembrance

November 16, 2018 at 7:00pm - 9:30pm

It has been a long, hard year for the trans community with 26 confirmed deaths of our trans brothers and sisters. It is important to spend this Trans Day of Remembrance remembering that our community is one of power and strength. We will not tolerate another transgender murder at the hands of the current system. Come join us as we remember and honor not only those we have lost, but we will also remember our struggle and how important it is for trans/non-binary and other LGTBQ allies to stick together in solidarity.
Come join us for a night of solidarity where we will discuss topics centered around trans issues like police incarceration and what that means for our struggle. We will also talk about trans healthcare and finally we will talk about our role in the Trans/non-binary struggle from Stonewall and beyond.

Transgender individuals face an insurmountable number of issues in today’s society. Something as basic as using the restroom is taken away by a society that demands that we conform to the gendered norms necessary to preserve patriarchy and capitalism. We need to remind ourselves that we are stronger when we are together and united. We need to remind ourselves that the fight against capitalism is the fight for LGBTQ liberation. We deserve the right to exist!

This will be a safe environment for anyone who wishes to come. There will be food, conversation and much talk of how us as LGBTQ individuals and allies can stand up and fight back against those who would mean for us to disappear. You have a voice, and this is your chance to be heard. Please join us.


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