LA - Trump’s Tax Plan: Starve the Poor to Fatten the Rich

November 10, 2017 at 7:30pm - 9:30pm

November 8th will mark one year since this country elected President Donald Trump. The people took to the streets in anger and outrage, while the democrats plead to “give Trump a chance.” Meanwhile, the bigoted administration has launched attack after attack on what little civil and social rights we have. 

We will discuss a series of topics relating back to the broader Trump agenda: 

Trump’s tax plan proposes to overhaul the entire tax code. The “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act” will protect the profits of the rich, while administering an all out assault on the working class. 

We will also be talking about the opioid crisis - where big Pharma profits from pain, suffering, and addiction. Trump declared the opioid crisis a “nationwide public health emergency” yet has done nothing to provide funding for this epidemic.

One of the most repulsive things about Trump’s candidacy was his overt misogyny. Last month, we saw countless numbers of women coming out against Harvey Weinstein, sparking a deeper dialogue about sexual assault, especially in the workplace. We will discuss the ongoing revelations and an analysis of the relationship between sexual assault and patriarchy. 

With the recent surge in news coverage regarding US involvement in Niger, we will discuss the role of US troops in Africa and why it’s more important than ever to resist neocolonial domination. 

Limited parking on Westmoreland/8th. Parking attendants will be available to assist you. Red and Purple line to Wilshire/Vermont station.

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