LA Forum: Fighting to Save Public Education / Maduro’s Inauguration

January 18, 2019 at 7:30pm - 9:30pm

On January 10th, Nicolás Maduro was sworn in as president for his second six-year term. This was met with opposition from the United States along with the Lima Group and the Organization of American States (OAS). However, there were over 90 countries represented at the inauguration ceremony along with several Venezuelan officials. What is the intention of the opposition in rejecting Maduro’s presidency as illegitimate? Why are imperialists interfering with the self-determination of a sovereign country? Join us for a presentation and discussion on the developments as we continue to stand in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution.

Hear a report back and analysis from rank-and-file striking teachers who have carried out days of militant picketing and mass action across LA County in a fight to save public education from the school privatization movement, improve working conditions, and win an educational environment conducive to student learning. Austin Beutner, a hedge fund manager with no experience in public education, has been leading an attempt to dismantle public education by starving schools of their funding while demonizing UTLA for daring to make demands for classroom sizes, counselors, nurses and more. As the media and LAUSD bosses ramp up their propaganda against UTLA join us for the real story from the teachers themselves! PSL will strive to host teachers every week to share their insights on this historic battle!

The FBI is an instrument of state repression that aims to destroy any ideology that steers away from the status quo. The FBI has historically dismantled liberation movements and the people at the forefront of those movements. We’ll be discussing the real role of the FBI both historically and in present day, and how people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Angela Davis were affected by these types of state repression. Join us for an in-depth analysis on the FBI’s role then and now.

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