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An appeal from Mexico: Socks and supplies for refugee caravan!

Thousands of immigrants and refugees have made their way through southern Mexico on the way to the United States. Women, children and families are heading out to the road and walking many miles each day, waking before the sun rises, often eating while walking because there is no time to stop.

After hundreds of miles on the road, with little opportunity to wash their clothes and very limited funds, adequate clothing — especially fresh socks and undergarments — are now desperately needed.

The Liberation News team led by Gloria La Riva has been on the ground to show solidarity with the refugees and to tell their stories. They are working with the caravinistas and Mexican human rights organizations who are now making a strong appeal for the people of the world to donate and provide supplies for them along their perilous journey.

Please donate now to help the PSL continue this important work providing aid and solidarity to the refugee caravan!

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