DC Forum! Hillary Clinton: Friend of Wall Street and the Pentagon – not of working people

May 06, 2016 at 7:00pm - 10pm

As the gap between Clinton and Sanders widens in the primaries – with Clinton firmly in the lead – the Democratic Party machine’s rhetoric about voting for the “lesser evil” candidate becomes more and more aggressive.

The cynical subtext is clear: progressive people can do no better than to put a Walmart executive and warmonger in power, despite her record. From orchestrating the senseless murder in Libya to gutting welfare and being a key backer of the expansion of racist mass incarceration in the 1990s, Clinton is clearly a friend of Wall Street and the Pentagon, not of working people. These are not progressive credentials, and she does not deserve progressive votes.

Hillary Clinton’s appeals for progressives to fall in line by voting for her and the Democratic Party establishment in November is highly insulting, but what does refusing to support Clinton actually look like? How can we take a stand against corporate Democrats like Hillary Clinton and reject the establishment that is doing everything it can to crush the progressive uprising in the party?

Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation for a discussion on these issues and how to fight back.

The passage and signing into law of HB2 in North Carolina has ignited a struggle across the state and a recognition that laws like these are being proposed in many states, including one that passed shortly thereafter in Mississippi. HB2 is wide ranging, from overturning local anti-discrimination measures and barring future measures that protect LGBTQ people, to forcing people to use bathrooms that match the sex assigned on their birth certificate in public schools and buildings, to also targeting all working people by restricting the ability of local governments to establish a minimum wage and the ability to bring employment discrimination claims in state court. Join us to hear an analysis of what is behind these measures and what we can do to join the fightback.

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