Chicago People's Public Hearing - LEAD OUT NOW!

September 22, 2018 at 2:00pm - 5pm

There's large amounts of toxic lead in Chicago's water and no one at city hall is doing anything about it. According to court findings, the city is actually making the problem worse while lying to the people, telling us that the water in our homes, schools and parks is safe to drink. In other words, #RahmsPoisoningUs. We're fighting back!

Join us on Sept. 22 for a People's Public Hearing to Get The Lead Out!. We’ll hear scientific testimony, open the mic for input from the public, indict Mayor Emanuel for intentionally poisoning the people of Chicago, make more plans to win this campaign & MORE!

The hearing will be livestreamed and recorded as part of this all sided campaign.

Do you have testimony you want to bring to the People's Hearing? Do you want more info? Give us a call at 773-245-6896

Would your organization like to participate in or endorse the hearing? Message us at Answer Chicago or The Party for Socialism and Liberation Chicago

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