Chicago Forum: Russiagate, the Danger of War & the Attacks on Dissent

April 14, 2018 at 6:00pm - 9pm

Topics: 1) Past a point of no return in U.S./Russia/China relations and the reorientation of U.S. imperialism; 2) Building mass resistance to war and the attempts to silence domestic movements against racism and oppression.

Join us for a presentation and question and answer session with speakerJohn Beacham. Beacham is the Coordinator of Answer Chicago, a member of the PSL Central Committee and co-host of Crashing the System Podcast

All across the country, Party for Socialism and Liberation chapters will be holding public forums in the months of April and May to present on and discuss the growing dangers of a major power military conflict and the need to build resistance to the rush to war.

It is the belief of the PSL Central Committee that we have now passed a point of no return with respect to the “Russiagate” controversy. It is not going to go away, it is going to expand and deepen, and it has a profound implication for U.S. politics and for global politics--implications that we must help as many people as possible understand and be prepared for.

What we are witnessing is two convergent phenomena coming together, running in parallel but now intersecting: One is a profound, political civil war going on within the summits of the capitalist political establishment, the ruling class centers of power in the intelligence agencies. The second is a qualitative re-orientation of U.S. foreign policy and the gearing up for “major power” conflict with Russia and China as the principal targets.

$5 to $10 donation requested. Social with beer and wine for a small donation after the meeting.

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