Boston: Trans Resistance & Revolution // Will the "Blue Wave" Save Us?

November 17, 2018 at 7:00pm - 9pm

Trans Resistance & Revolution - You Can't Erase Us!
The Trump administration is planning an outrageous and cruel new escalation in its war on trans people. The Department of Health and Human Services is leading the charge on an effort that would create a new, false and deeply bigoted definition of gender across all federal agencies: defining everyone as “male” or “female,” and this would be “unchangeable, and determined by the genitals that a person is born with.” Trump and his administration are attempting to "define transgender people out of existence." The PSL rejects this bigoted attack and stands in solidarity with the trans and greater LGBTIA community against bigoted sexist hatred and oppression.

Trans rights — like the rights of the entire LGBTQ community and all oppressed people — will be won in the streets, not by waiting for any phony “resistance” from political elites. You can't erase us! Transgender people, non-binary people, and the LGBTQIA community has been resisting and rebelling for centuries! Join the PSL as we discuss the history and legacy of LGBTQIA resistance, specifically trans resistance and rebellion and why it is essential to revolution, liberation, and socialism!

Will the Blue Wave Save Us?
The upcoming midterm November elections are framed as "the coming of a blue wave" from "the Resistance" to Donald Trump and his administration. Corporate talking heads, have touted that the order of the "resistance" will be that the Democrats will take control of the House and Senate, Trump will be impeached and American politics will return to some semblance of normality. The Robert Mueller investigation, the overall "Russiagate" narrative is also supposed to produce damning information that will impeach Trump and bring "America back to normality." But will this so called "Blue Wave" really save the working class and oppressed people in this country? Are the Democrats really "resisting" Trump and what he stands for? Can they? What are alternatives to this Democratic party led "Resistance" for the workers and oppressed of the U.S.? Join us for a discussion on this as we provide a Marxist analysis of the upcoming elections and revolutionary tactics, strategies, and goals.

Join the Boston branch of the Party for Socialism & Liberation as we discuss these two burning issues of the day and the need for a Revolution and a revolutionary party to end capitalist-imperialism and its attendant oppressions.

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*Bathrooms are gender neutral
*Childcare is available on site
*Light refreshments and snacks will be provided


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