MA Black Radical History Series: A Great & Mighty Walk [Film]

February 09, 2018 at 7:00pm - 9pm
Jobs With Justice
375 Centre St
Jamaica Plains, MA 02130
United States
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feet have felt the sands 
Of many nations,
I have drunk the water
Of many springs.
I am old,
Older than the pyramids,
I am older than the race
That oppresses me.
I will live on...
I will out-live oppression.
I will out-live oppressors.


~ Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Join the Party for Socialism & Liberation for a film screening of "A Great and Mighty Walk" which is an auto-historiography of the late Pan-African Socialist Dr. John Henrik Clarke. The film goes through the life of Dr. Clarke and how his story intelinked with the story of African Americans in their struggle for Liberation from white supremacy and imperialism.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke was a Pan-African & Socialist historian who spent nearly his entire adult life struggling against white supremacist and Euro-American colonialist revision of history particularly that of African peoples on the continent and within the Diaspora.

The Party for Socialism & Liberation will be hosting a series of events pertaining to the struggle for Black Liberation on this continent and others. We are starting off with the documentary film "A Great and Mighty Walk" by Dr. John Henrik Clarke wherein he explores his own identity formation and life growing up as well as connecting it to the larger struggle for Pan-African Liberation. In addition, Clarke corrects Euro-American lies about African people in history.

Thelate Dr. John Henrik Clarke, a pre-eminent African-American historian,author of several volumes on the history of Africa and the Diaspora,taught in the Department of Black and Puerto Rican Studies at HunterCollege of the City University of New York.

Join the Party for Socialism & Liberation for a the film "A Great & Mighty Walk" and a discussion about identity formation, Pan-Africanism, Black History, Black Liberation, and how our "identities" are inherently political as they are formed within the vortex of class struggle.

Bathrooms at Jobs with Justice are gender neutral.

The space is wheelchair accessible.

Invite and share the event, we hope to see you there!

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