Women's Socialism Conference


The overturning of Roe by the undemocratic Supreme Court marks a historic turning point in U.S. politics. The evisceration of abortion rights is central to a decades-long political plan by the right-wing within the ruling-elite to roll back all the civil and social rights—democratic rights—won through mass organizing and struggle by the working class and oppressed in the previous decades. Voting rights, LGBTQ rights, environmental protections, labor rights and more, are on the chopping block. The current system—capitalism—has failed to guarantee our most basic rights!

We understand class society and capitalism to be the root of women’s oppression. Women continue to face sexism, racism, gender-based and sexual violence and oppression in all aspects of life. Rising unemployment and deepening poverty is met with the slashing of social spending by politicians. Both the Democratic and Republican Parties not only offer no solutions but are in fact a part of the problem. Both parties controlled by billionaires are mouthpieces for the interests of the big banks and corporations, for endless war and imperialism—the economic and political domination of other nations.

The Women’s Socialism Conference is a declaration of the rejection of fear, passivity, and resignation to the challenges facing the U.S. working class and humanity today. The building of an independent mass movement of millions is the antidote to the imminent threats to our rights. But a truly democratic society—one that guarantees popular participation, housing, education, healthcare, childcare, leisure as human rights—will take fighting for socialism. Socialism is the expansion of democracy once and for all. The people united have the power to change society!

Join us on November 12 in Atlanta to hear from local leaders who will make a case for mass action and a socialist future.

No one turned away for lack of funds.

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