Albuquerque Liberation Forum: Ft. Maestra (Cuba Documentary) // Update on DNC

July 29, 2016 at 7:00pm - 10pm

Join the PSL this Friday in celebrating Cuba's National Day of Rebellion, a day that commemorates the July 26, 1953 attack that ignited the Cuban Revolution.

We will be screening, "Maestra," a documentary film that focuses on Cuba in the year 1961. 250,000 volunteers taught 700,000 people to read and write in one year. 100,000 of the teachers were under 18 years old. Over half were women. 

MAESTRA explores this story through the personal testimonies of the young women who went out to teach literacy in rural communities across the island - and found themselves deeply transformed in the process.


Political Update on the DNC:

The Democratic National Convention was met with struggle by#BernieOrBust protesters. Inside the convention, protestors boo'd war criminal Hillary Clinton despite Sanders' endorsement of her. Outside, protestors took the streets, calling for political revolution. A series of WikiLeaks have also exposed emails the DNC's plotting against the Sanders campaign. The system is rigged for war criminals and capitalists to win. | |

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