Women’s Socialism Conference
Building a New Mass Movement!

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The most fundamental of all rights–the right to have a say over our own bodies–is under historic attack. Anti-abortion laws are being adopted by right-wing state legislatures. The Supreme Court is on the verge of overturning Roe v. Wade. Congress is refusing to take any action. The current system has failed to guarantee our basic rights!

At this critical moment, thousands of people know that the real way forward is for women to come together, fight back and build a new militant women’s movement!

We not only need a mass movement to ensure abortion rights, but also to win universal healthcare and education more broadly, higher wages, maternity leave, childcare services, and adequate housing. We need a movement to fight to end sexual violence, war and racism that contributes to the destruction of women’s rights at home and abroad. All of these issues are intrinsically tied to one another.

We believe that capitalism is at the root of women’s oppression. Register for the Women’s Socialism Conference to discuss the alternative–socialism.
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