New Albuquerque Liberation Center to open in the International District
Donate to support organizing for working-class power!

The Albuquerque Liberation Center, which is undergoing extensive repairs and renovation 

The Albuquerque branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation is excited to announce that we have outgrown our old office space! We are moving to a new office more than double the size!

We are relocating from the campus area to the International District. We are helping to open up a brand-new community organizing hub called the Albuquerque Liberation Center. Before the center can open, however, it must undergo extensive repairs and renovation. 

You can help open the new Albuquerque Liberation Center by making a much-needed donation. Your donation will contribute directly to the costs of the construction and renovation.

PSL members and volunteers are already working around the clock to make the new Liberation Center a reality. Day in and day out, organizers are busy remodeling the space: hanging drywall, repairing ceilings, resurfacing the floors, sewing curtains, repairing doors, painting walls, constructing built-in furniture, and more! The design and construction of the Liberation Center is entirely volunteer-driven.

The new Liberation Center will operate out of the International District, an area ruled by profiteering landlords that faces criminal rent prices, landlord abuse, police terror, and the complete absence of adequate healthcare and social services.

The Liberation Center will host the PSL, the Peoples Housing Project, A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, and function as a community organizing hub where working people and neighbors can come together to organize against mass inequality, climate change, war, and all of the problems that the capitalist system poses.

At the Liberation Center, organizers in Albuquerque will continue to push forward important community struggles like “Stop the Stadium,” “Shut Down Q-Station,” and the new movement to “End the Prohibition on Rent Control!” We will continue to launch vital community service programs like “File-Together, Fight-Together” (which helped over 500 technologically deprived households apply for unemployment benefits), our vaccine registration and community education program, and our hugely successful annual Socialist Sleigh holiday distribution event! We will continue to organize regular public educational forums, film screenings, lecture series and study groups.  

Please make a generous donation today and be a part of launching the new Albuquerque Liberation Center!

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