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U.S. lies about Afghanistan health care improvement
In brief

Richard Holbrooke: Agent of Empire, war criminal
Imperialist "diplomat" dies Dec. 13

Poll: Only 8 percent of young Afghan men know of 9/11 attacks
Reason for U.S. occupation of their country: 'war and destruction'

Canada sends Afghan children to abusive prison
In brief

Pentagon blows up thousands of homes in Afghanistan
Repeating the horrors of the Vietnam War

Afghanistan war myths: 'The truth is killing us'
A statement by March Forward!

US occupation fails to pacify Afghanistan
Karzai accepts aid from Iran

Midwest regional protest takes to streets: "End the Wars & Occupations Now!"
October 16 march in Chicago on the 9th anniversary of Afghanistan war

Boston police punch, kick 16-year-old at Roxbury Community College
Students demand justice!

Mobilizing the community against police abuse
PSL organizes in Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn,NY

Syracuse study reveals racial profiling
Demand end to police abuse

Syracuse rally against surveillance cameras
Police misconduct a regular occurrence

Killer cop gets slap on the wrist for killing Oscar Grant
No justice in this racist system

Albuquerque rally says no to police terror
Seven people have been killed by police this year

Union, community rally for justice for Oscar Grant
Demand an end to police violence

Raul Pinet's widow struggles for justice
Tashara Pinet gives first interview since law enforcement killing of her husband

Recent Headlines

California budget proposal 'a gun to the head' of workers and the poor

It is time to fight back

Students file lawsuit against CUNY tuition hike

Interview with plaintiff Frances Villar

Eyewitness report on a border crossing

Daily experience of farm workers along the U.S.-Mexico border highlights need for revolution

Million plus remain homeless and displaced in Haiti

One year after earthquake

Eyewitness Iraq: The 'end of combat'

A soldier's view from the ground

State legislatures prepare to introduce anti-immigrant bills

In brief

Capitalists attack workers' pension rights

Retirement crisis shows why the system must change


Activists' Corner

PSL demands justice for Douglas Zerby, killed by Long Beach police
'Jail killer cops!'

Students stand in solidarity with Rite Aid workers in State College, Pa.
Part of national day of action

Your New Year's resolution: Building a new movement for socialism
Make 2011 a step toward revolutionary change

Los Angeles holiday protest demands immediate end to U.S. wars
Builds for a new year of anti-war struggle

Veterans lead dramatic act of civil resistance at White House
More than 130 arrested

Boston police punch, kick 16-year-old at Roxbury Community College
Students demand justice!

Gentrification of park threatens homeless and poor people
Richmond, Va., coalition mobilizes to fight back

Stop the deportation of Juan Mejia
Respected member of Syracuse Latino community caught in ICE raid


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 PSL WikiBriefs 

PSL WikiBrief: Venezuela's 'Socialist Areperas' make revolution even more tasty
Taking the profit out of fast food

PSL WikiBrief: U.S. gives Peru's government military aid to repress its people
Funding massacres and state-sponsored terror

PSL WikiBrief: For Israel, corruption and economic warfare go hand in hand
The reality of colonialism

PSL WikiBrief: Spain facilitates CIA torture
Working together to maim and brutalize

PSL WikiBriefs: U.S. government funds right-wing forces in Nicaragua
Seeking a client regime, not an independent one

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