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Los Angeles: News, Reports, Analysis

IDF soldiers disrupted at Cal State Fullerton

PSL members counter lies

Veterans shut down military recruitment station on ninth anniversary of Afghanistan war

'Bring all the troops home now!'

Protests demand end to Afghan war and occupation

Money for jobs and schools, not war!

L.A. forum in solidarity with Palestine

Eyewitness report on life under occupation

Protesters oppose service cuts in Hemet Calif.

'Public services are a right'

LA teachers protest union bashing

City's major newspaper continues attack on teachers

LA housing advocates demand immediate rent freeze

Chant in public meeting: 'A thousand more homes! A thousand less police'

Hundreds march on LAPD headquarters

Protesters demand justice for Manuel Jamines, Guatemalan day laborer killed by police

¡Justicia para Manuel Jamines, jornalero asesinado por la policía!

Cientos de manifestantes marchan hacia el cuartel general del LAPD

PSL demands justice for Manuel Jamines, immigrant worker killed by LAPD

Statement issued by the PSL in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Summer Classes on Socialism draw youth, students

'Collectively educating ourselves'

Postdoctoral workers union ratifies first contract

UC researchers victorious after four years of struggle

Teachers denounce Obama's education agenda

Fightback movement needed

Los Angeles and Long Beach Hyatt hotels are targets of worker protests

Los Angeles

Transit cop in Oscar Grant killing found guilty of involuntary manslaughter

'Mehserle is guilty of murder--nothing less!'

PSL marches in Los Angeles Pride

Marriage is a civil right

Fighting back against California's proposed budget cuts

Building a movement

Arizona march on Tempe City Council demands non-compliance with SB 1070

Simultaneous picket in nearby Chandler defends workers fired for missing work to attend massive May 29 march in Phoenix

Why I joined the PSL

Transcript from Los Angeles socialism conference presentation

Seize BP activists unfurl massive banner near BP oil refinery

Long Beach, Calif.

Socialism conference in Los Angeles draws hundreds of participants

Workers, students show growing interest in struggle

Students protest anti-LGBT violence at CSULB campus

Long Beach, Calif

Hundreds of thousands march for immigrant rights on May Day

Eyewitness reports from the PSL

Thousands of counter-protesters resist Nazis and LAPD allies

City of Los Angeles made an extra effort to host fascists

Teachers, workers march to defend public education in California

'Stop the cuts!'

L.A. Socialism Conference inspires struggle against capitalist exploitation

Report by PSL Los Angeles

Los Angeles teachers squeezed to make up for budget shortfalls

The money is there ... but the rich won't pay

LGBT youth event shows how struggle changes history

Models of Pride, Los Angeles

Los Angeles march demands full rights for immigrants

Obama administration continues repression

Hundreds join Southern California student day of action

Student movement grows

Southern California rallies demand freedom for the Cuban Five

Four coordinated actions call for justice

Razing of California's social spending sparks militant response

Assault on working families met with outrage

Cal State University hikes fees, students fight back

'Bail out students, not banks!'

Los Angeles unions fight school privatization effort

Politicians, charter school companies are behind the scheme

L.A. protest demands: 'Overturn the coup in Honduras!'

Street action builds solidarity with Honduran struggle

Threat of HIV/AIDS cuts spark protest in Southern California

$80 million in cuts will kill

Los Angeles rally protests murder of Dr. George Tiller

Defend Women's Rights!

Hundreds rally in Southern California to end the Gaza siege

Anaheim, Orange County

Tens of thousands demand 'Overturn Prop. 8' in Southern California

LGBT Equality Now!

PSL demands 'LGBT equality now' in Long Beach Pride parade

Anti-gay bigots met with militant opposition

Los Angeles teachers' struggle against layoffs, budget cuts intensifies

Injunction granted against strike, fight continues

Los Angeles socialism conference inspires revolutionary struggle

We can fight back!

Teachers' union, students fight layoffs

Los Angeles

Los Angeles teachers, students fight layoffs

In brief

PSL protest targets AIG headquarters in Los Angeles

'Capitalism is organized crime'

Over 20,000 people march in Los Angeles, demand "Overturn prop. 8!"

Historic march for LGBT rights takes the streets

PSL Lucilla Esguerra campaign fights for workers' rights

'It's simple. I'm a socialist.'

PSL candidate Sergio Farias stands with workers, immigrants

'People want to be treated equally'

Anti-war protest targets militaristic VP candidate Sarah Palin

Costa Mesa, Calif.

'Not one more day of U.S. imperialism'

PSL candidate Michael Prysner addresses protesters at the RNC

Iran forum in Los Angeles exposes imperialist myths

Government-engineered lies meant to prop up war drive

DMV workers protest state budget cuts

Actions take place throughout Southern California

Struggle in the streets: the real story at the Saddleback presidential forum

Anti-war activists, PSL candidates defeat right-wing assault

Why we are protesting at the Obama/McCain presidential forum

A PSL commentary for KPFK Radio, 90.7 FM

Pro-Cuba celebration triumphs over right-wing terrorist threats

L.A. activists refuse to buckle under cowardly intimidation

Hundreds rally against Inglewood killer cops

Justice for Kevin Wicks!

UC workers strike in defiance of court's intimidation tactics

Wages so paltry workers are eligible for government welfare

PSL opposes racist gang injunction at 'Town Hall Meeting'

Opponents speak out despite rigged process

PSL candidate speaks out against Runner Initiative

Esguerra condemns criminalization of youth before L.A. City Council

Los Angeles teachers protest state budget cuts

40,000 union members take part in a day of action

PSL marches in Los Angeles LGBT Pride Parade

Celebration of LGBT struggle draws 375,000 people

Emergency actions protest Cuban 5 court decision

Court ruling upholding sentences sparks outrage

Tens of thousands of L.A. residents vote for socialist candidates

In County Supervisor elections, over 53,000 support "People Over Profits" message

Pomona residents march against racist checkpoints

Community coalition fights back

PSL candidates Cabral, Hinze confront L.A. County Supervisors

Exposing the incumbents' racist, anti-worker positions

Al-Awda convention highlights Palestinian right of return

Marking 60 years of forced exile

Justice for Roketi Su'e! Jail killer cops!

Statement from the PSL election campaign

Mass rally celebrates California same-sex marriage ruling

LGBT community ready to defend its victory

Hitting the streets of L.A. with message of socialism

PSL candidates tackle racism, health care, housing

Stephen Hinze takes on cops, L.A. City Attorney

PSL candidate says, 'Stop the gang injunction--it's racial profiling!'

L.A. organizers demand moratorium on racist ICE raids

Press conference denounces Iowa raid

PSL L.A. conference highlights women's struggle

Speakers stress working-class unity

'Hollywood to the Docks'

L.A. labor march draws thousands of workers

PSL delegation visits Tent City

Homeless community a symbol of the housing crisis

Immigrant rights leaders plan May 1 march

Supporters gather in solidarity at Los Angeles City Hall

Gloria La Riva seeks Peace and Freedom nomination

Nomination to put PSL presidential candidate on Calif. ballot

George Habash commemorated in California

Palestinian leader leaves a legacy of revolutionary struggle

Transgender Day of Remembrance event stresses struggle

West Hollywood, Calif.

Thousands of union members rally for striking writers

Los Angeles

Rally supports Palmdale 4, demands justice

'Drop the charges now!'

Rally supports Palmdale 4, demands justice

'Drop the charges now!'

Muslim community defeats racist LAPD 'mapping' plan

In brief

From crisis to revolution: 90 years after the Bolshevik victory

Lessons for the class struggle

Revolutionary optimism and socialist struggle

Building the movement for revolutionary change

Community protests racist gang injunction

San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

Writers' strike challenges studio bosses

Work stoppage shutters high-dollar productions

Racist gang injunction criminalizes Latino youth

Orange County authorities employ racist tool

Los Angeles Socialism Conference inspires working-class struggle

Socialism is possible and necessary

Rally demands return of kidnapped Haitian activist

Los Angeles

Nationwide rallies demand freedom for the Jena 6

Protests timed to coincide with court dates

San Francisco State University mural honors Palestine

Depicts contributions of Edward Said

U.S. education policy leaves children behind

Bush's bill intensifies trends it claims to address

Living without a roof

Millions in the U.S. face homelessness every year

Oct. 27 protests throughout the United States

Over 100,000 people march to stop the war!

LAPD to blame for May Day brutality

Report offers little insight into systemic woes

Venezuelan diplomat addresses California activists

What new reforms mean for the revolution

Protests support Jena 6 struggle

'Free the Jena 6!'

1,000 students in Watts walk out to support Jena 6

Los Angeles

Los Angeles 'Noche Cubana' raises solidarity with Cuban Five

Celebrates Cuba's socialist revolution

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Los Angeles protest against Israeli massacre of Gaza aid flotilla
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