Meet Michael Prysner

An Iraq war veteran running for Congress (22nd District - Fla.) as a candidate of the Party for Socialism and Liberation

Michael Prysner marching at the front of the Sept. 15 anti-war march in Washington (photo: Bill Hackwell)

Prysner, 24, joined the U.S. Army at age 17. Immediately after graduating high school in 2001, he shipped off to basic training in Fort Sill, Okla. He then attended a military academy at Fort Huachuca, Ariz. Prysner was assigned to the 10th Mountain Division, based in New York.

In March 2003, Prysner was deployed to northern Iraq. He remained there for 12 months. Over time, Prysner developed anti-war views, and in 2005 he began organizing against the war. He was a volunteer for the March 17, 2007, National March on the Pentagon that drew tens of thousand of protesters. At the Sept. 15 March on Washington, Prysner was arrested as part of the contingent of veterans that participated in the mass die-in at the head of the march. Prysner has become a powerful anti-war commentator, drawing on his experiences in Iraq to prove the criminality of the war.

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