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PSL WikiBrief: Venezuela's 'Socialist Areperas' make revolution even more tasty

Taking the profit out of fast food

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Venezuelan “Socialist Areperas”—state-owned restaurants that serve the food staple arepa (Venezuelan-style tortilla)—are a cause of interest and concern for U.S. embassy officials, according to a recently released cable from January 2010.

The Socialist Areperas system is indicative of the overall objectives of the Venezuelan revolution: prioritizing meeting people's needs, not maximizing profits. These restaurants get all of their supplies from state-owned companies and offer high-quality food costing at least 10 times less than the same food at a private restaurant.

The idea behind Socialist Areperas is to create community-based businesses, create jobs for locals and combat price speculations from private companies. The Venezuelan government launched the initiative in early 2010 to fight against major price hikes imposed by private corporations.

Referring to a public statement made by Eduardo Saman, a prominent Venezuelan revolutionary and former Commerce Minister, the cable stated, “Saman highlighted another key difference between socialist and capitalist ‘arepera’: customers pay only after eating, while ‘in fast food chains … they only think about money.’”

Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution, led by President Hugo Chavez, is posing a serious threat to U.S. imperialism in Latin America. His government has become progressively more radical since assuming power after the 1998 elections. In 2005, Chavez publicly declared the revolution “socialist.”

Workers and poor people in the United States should follow the lead of our sisters and brothers in Venezuela.    

Click here to read the full text of the cable released by WikiLeaks.   

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