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Volume 4, No. 20:
End the Wars!

Issue 83 final
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U.S. News 
Fedex launches ad campaign to block unionization
McDonald’s gets waiver to avoid health ‘reform’ regulations
Alert: capitalists want to raise retirement age to 70
Chicago parents sit in to demand new public library
In brief: Workers fight lockout at illinois uranium plant
In brief: Resistance meets drive to privatize libraries

World News
Pakistani people struggle for true independence
At bicentennial, Mexico in crisis
In brief: Popular Lavalas party excluded from running in Haitian elections
In brief: UN report says Israeli flotilla raid included ‘summary executions’

Features: Oct. 2 Rally 
Massive Oct. 2 rally: new steps forward, new challenges for workers’ movement
Interviews with participants

Raul Pinet’s widow struggles for justice
Syracuse community resists police surveillance
Black farmers march to demand long overdue justice
Albuquerque police brutally shoot suicidal man
Pittsburgh march against police beating of high school student

Afghanistan war anniversary stirs protests

Addicted to war

En español
Nuevos avances, nuevos desafíos  para el movimiento de trabajadores

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